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Chat with a celebrity!Hope you all are enjoying 2017. This year started on a real disturbing note – The Bangalore mass molestation case! It was very disturbing for all of us. Don’t let that feeling go away as a piece of flashing news, which lasted just for few days!  We all interview celebrities and post their views, life […]


Chat with a celebrity!

Hope you all are enjoying 2017. This year started on a real disturbing note – The Bangalore mass molestation case! It was very disturbing for all of us. Don’t let that feeling go away as a piece of flashing news, which lasted just for few days! 

We all interview celebrities and post their views, life story so, I have also decided to interview the real celebrities amongst us. After my last blog about divorce, I got several stories from several people but this one touched my chord. Hence, sharing it with you all here a real life story of a Strong, Single mother/Woman Richa.

Me: Why did you decide to divorce your husband?

Richa: He was not being true to the relation, I kept my patience after marriage thinking that things would turn out for the better going further, but he proved me wrong. I feel that the 3 chances I had given were enough for a person to either realize and get back or for me to walk out of the relation.

Me: How difficult was the decision to divorce?

Richa: It was a pretty difficult one because it was my decision to marry him.

I had been into depression during my pregnancy period and later on too. I had to get back to work 1 week after my delivery for financial reasons. I had given up my career post marriage thinking that I will take up a new career after moving along with him, which was a myth.

I joined the gym for a change 2-3 yrs after delivery when my health was taking a toll both mentally and physically thinking that probably meeting and talking with people would help me. It did for some time but didn’t last for very long. Even today 9 yrs after my divorce, I still get depressed. I still breakdown at work or at home. It really hurts when you have to go through this pain inspite of being true in a relationship.

I have a friend who had proposed me before my marriage who did say, “See had you married me! Life wouldn’t have been like this” All I could do was laugh back. There are things I have learned to ignore and some to retaliate.

Me: Was it easy for you to share this with your Family?

Richa: When I got to know that my ex was cheating on me, I couldn’t believe it! A person whom I thought would stand by me was cheating on me that too after our son was born. I couldn’t hide the matter from my mom as she was staying with me. For 4 or 5 months I tried keeping the story between mom, sis and her husband.

It was difficult to discuss it with other relatives, because I knew no one would believe my story. I had to show them all the documents to prove my innocence. 

I realised it then that People who stood showering flowers during your wedding, instead of supporting your decision would be doing or telling things to make you feel even worse”.

I am still finding it difficult to manage my mom and my son. Both are close to me and I want them to be with me but, mom doesn’t want to move in with me and I know she cannot stay without my son, and how long do I need to convince myself and my son that we need to stay apart for some more time. Wonder when that time would come when we could be together forever.

Me: How’s your social life after divorce?

Richa: I was asked to resign from my job due to my divorce status and hence decided to move back to Kerala (My hometown). I had to file for divorce in Bangalore (a different state/city) court as my family members thought it would be a social stigma to them. I worked from home for around 4 yrs and only a few relatives knew the fact that I was divorced. A lot of people raised questions and those who asked, my family members said that he didn’t get leave from work and would come soon.

But these lies kept eating me and I told my relatives how long would they keep lying about it and it’s better, to tell the truth.

There were very few friends who really kept in touch or checked upon me. For others, I hardly existed after they got to know that I was divorced. Few were normal with me at least on my face

The toughest decision was to move to a new city Pune for a job and leaving behind my 5-year-old son. I kept myself quite reserved at the office. There were people who spoke nonsense with me once they got to know about my divorce, but I had to ignore and keep silent.

Finally, when I decided to socialize and started meeting people. I met someone, I was getting to know, spend more time with him. The only people who knew about this were my roommates, I thought they would understand and be supportive but didn’t know that they were the ones who were talking behind my back, giving me different titles. Their words did hurt me real bad, but I knew if I let these things affect me it would pull me back into the shell I was within four years.

2 of my married college mates re-confessed their love during this period that they had for me. I told them “Please don’t dwell in the past! You have a loving wife and children. Please move on with them. Coming over now and confessing your feelings that you had then is useless now. One of the guys was very persistent, at one point I had to cut off the conversation with him totally. Don’t know what were they expecting out of all this?

“Mostly people looked at me as an available commodity due to my marital status”

Me: How do your co-workers, single or married friends perceive you when you tell them that you are divorced?

Few of my co-workers tried to take advantage of me. Some thought I would be available for them, while the few who looked at me as a strong person.

Since my work manager was my close friend no one dared talk to me in a wrong way, but once he moved out of the company, one of my colleague approached me quite a few times nicely and then on a weekend he asked me about my plans and I said I might go out with my school friends to which he said, “Why don’t you spend some time with us too. My wife is not at home so why don’t you come over”. I felt like giving him a real tight slap or complaint against him, but since I didn’t want to create any problem I let Karma play the game which did happen over the time.

Few of my colleagues approached me for a divorce consultation as that’s the only qualification I was known for to them. 

I am glad I could be of some help to them!

Me: How difficult is it for your son to deal with all these questions? Is it easy being a single mother?

Richa: My son had to mature sooner than his age. I had decided to have a discussion with him about all this only when he would ask me. One of my school friend who is a doctor told me to slowly start discussing the matter with him. So, in May 2015, during his summer holidays, I tried to initiate the talk. He told that he wanted to say something to me too. His friends at school made fun of him saying that how is he born, when his mom is not married! It really shocked me! So I asked him his reply and he said that, “I know momma is married. I have seen her wedding pics and I have told my friends that mumma is married and my dad had some work so he left us.” I silently agreed with what he said as I didn’t want him to know that his dad had cheated on us.

I feel he is too young to know all this because it could affect him mentally.

I wanted to hug him at that moment and just yell out “Thank God!”

He told me he wants a family and asked me to get married again. I said, “Ok” but this is a secret between you and me. Since then we have a different level of relation, a more open one! He kind of understands me better now and I feel that I can speak or discuss things openly with him now.

It is not easy being a single mother for someone like me, who is not able to stay with my son due to financial constraints. Challenges at each step, making life difficult to live, but as they say, the show must go on, each day is going on with a hope that tomorrow will bring us together.

I missed his childhood. I haven’t seen him standing up, taking his first step, his teething, a lot of things that I missed, even my 9 months of pregnancy were spent in depression waiting for that man who never returned.

I couldn’t be that normal mom who sits beside her kid during their study time or play games with them, but I try and do as much as I can over the calls or the times when we are together. All I wish for at this moment is that I need the courage and the willpower to do the best for my son and help him grow into a wonderful person.

Me: Has anyone ever told you “Shouldn’t you have stayed together for the kids’ sake?” What’s your answer to them?
Richa: Yes! People said, “that men are men they can do what they wish it’s the wife who should understand and adjust”. I would have stayed together. Had it been some other reason that could be adjusted but not where your husband is registering himself on matrimony sites and hunting women for his own needs.

These women who spoke ill against me were the ones who knew me since childhood and some who had spent years with me, but didn’t know anything about my situation or what I was going through! They never thought of talking to me to find out why’s & how’s of my decision?
Such talk did make me feel like I should move out of India with my son and settle off in a place with new and unknown people. When people whom I thought were my friends or well-wishers became strangers!

Me: Has your self-esteem gone up or down post-divorce? 

Richa: My self-esteem is at a slightly higher end now. I cannot trust people like I used to earlier and that does backfire on my current relationships at times. I have built my set of standards, might be wrong or right, but I am not ready to compromise on them right now.. But on the weaker side, I am still an emotional person and I need to start working hard to get out of those boundaries now.

Me: If there was anything that you could change in people’s attitude/society norms? What would that be?

My family members’ attitude is the first thing I would like to change. Let a person choose his or her partner. Had they been with me during that time, I wouldn’t have had to go through all this. Thankfully, I could help my sister and a cousin with it.

To the society, that’s something very difficult to change as it needs to start from our house, but I wish they change the way they think about a divorced/single mother. It was not a choice or an option, it was a decision that we had to take on the basis of circumstances we had to go through. No lady would want to break a relation until she clearly knows that things wouldn’t change in their relationship. It’s easy to blame a person without knowing the real fact behind her decision.

Sex – an overrated requirement of/by Men: There are men who asked me how could I survive without a physical relationship for 9 yrs and my answer to such people would be – Sex is not the only thing required for survival when you have other things to concentrate on. I am a normal person but this is not a requirement for me. I know where I am headed to and I have the motive to live my life for!

Depression around us: To the people who ask me about getting into depression, yes I do get depressed, there were moments when I felt suicidal but that was not the solution to anything. I cry out vent out my nightmare and get back to the pavilion ready again for a new battle every day with the hope that “Yes tomorrow would be a better day for me and my son”.

A Little respect: Please let us live a respectful life for ourselves as well as for our family and children. If you can’t give respect leave her alone but don’t speak ill of her or her family. Divorce is not a stigma it’s a heartbreaking decision that the person has to take.

I wouldn’t say it’s always a woman who is right and a man is wrong, but in my case, I did give, enough try to save the relation before I decided to end it when I clearly knew that my relation was going nowhere!! And I didn’t want to live under the same roof with a person to whom my son and I meant nothing.

I wish the society today accepts women like us who are struggling our way to make a better life for us and for our kids, the employers help us give our best in career and help us grow in a better way rather than treating us like we are the culprits or victims.

Life is not an easy game for women like us, but we are not yet ready to hit the QUIT button!!

Divorce – A Legal Break Up!!!!

Typical questions, we go through in our lifetime!

Age 21 & above: When are you getting married?

Once married: Why don’t you have kids yet?

1 child down: Why don’t you plan for another one? Do you want your child to be lonely forever?

If divorced: What?….Why? What would society think of you? Who will take care of you? Please don’t do this for “kids sake”, your sake, your family’s sake!

Have we ever bothered to ask a married couple? Why are they still married? Are they happy? Then why do we question their decision of divorce? Why is being divorced viewed so negatively?

Huh! You okay him/her being stuck with the wrong person all their life. Whether the love exists or not!!! One should stay married either for kids, family or society…!

If it’s just for kids! Let me ask you something.

You want your kids to grow up and find love. Right? Then you are definitely not setting a right example by being in a marriage that is clearly not working, where parents are pretending to love each other, or worse, you can barely be civil to each other. If you stay married for the kid’s sake, you are teaching your kids to hate the institution of marriage as the things that they are learning from a bad marriage are far worse; daily arguments, shouting, violence, sadness, hatred.

These episodes leave a permanent scar on that little and tender heart of your child.

There are few typical preconceived norms that the Men/Women have to go through while or after divorce:

  • Every time you tell someone that you are divorced. They would want to know all the details! What? Why’s and How’s???

“Did he/she have an extra marital affair or was he/she abusive or violent? Falling out of love is not enough of a reason at all”

“We just have nothing left in the relationship. It’s all a routine. We tried everything from therapy to romantic dining but it’s just not working. We are not happy together. Our parents think that it’s not good enough of a reason to divorce each other” – Anonymous friend!

  •  Then they play the victim card for you. Poor You! Forget him and Move on Speech!

“ You did the right thing (this is applicable only if your significant other was cheating on you or was abusive or an alcoholic, etc.)” If it was compatibility issue, then it’s your fault, why didn’t you adjust?” Marriage is all about adjustment!!

I still personally know many women/men who are in an abused relationship and are not ready to do anything about it either because of love or they are not in a position to take care of their kids (financially)

  • Be strong! Of course I am strong that’s why I could take this decision.

“Finally, I could slap him today, that so called man who has been beating my mom for past 15 years. All this while, I was waiting for this day when I could stand next to him, look in the eye and slap him” – A 15 year old son of a helpless mother

  • They pity you. Feel sorry for you. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I was drowning when I was in that relationship and coming out of it is a success. Stop treating me like a lost cause.

My husband was a Gay. He couldn’t tell it to his parents. So, the only way he could continue his relationship with his boyfriend (who’s my cousin) was by marrying me! – A frustrated/virgin wife.

There are endless nightmares like this. Going through a break up or divorce, you need to change your outlook too. These are not tips but just my general observation & a humble attempt for friends & people around me going through’ divorce:

  1. Stop saying that “You don’t care”. You do care and you always will as they were an important part of your life once and sooner you accept that, better for you.
  2. “They will regret or pay someday for what they did to me.” May be and May be not! But in any case, it shouldn’t matter to you. That’s what is called “Moving on” – Accept it please!
  3. “Love/Marriage is a sham – I don’t want to marry again.” I can understand if you don’t want to marry again but I am sure you do want to fall in love. You are just too scared to get hurt in the process again. You are scared that you might have the same luck and you might end up alone forever. Or, the other reason could be that you are too self-centered to be able to spend your life with anyone again. Its human – to love & care!
  4. It was all my ex’s fault – No! It wasn’t. It takes two to make a marriage work. If not entirely, you might be responsible for this somewhere too. Your friends who are feeding this thought in your brain are not doing any good to you. And even if it’s true! Get over it. And stop this blame game!
  5. The thought of having “Sex with someone else disgusts me” – That’s because you are still sulking and you haven’t found a good date yet. It just takes time but, I am pretty sure, the day your heart will find that right one who will make your heart heal again.
  6. “I don’t care about what people think about me”- Yes, you care and you do get affected by other’s opinion but you shouldn’t. It’s okay to say, “My life sucks right now”. You will love your life and everything around you. But it takes time.

There is a beautiful Hindi song, very typical line, but very true.

“Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna”

People will say something or the other, it’s their business to talk,
Ignore it..

Women are mostly looked as a “Victim” and the Men as the “Culprit”. We just are busy generalizing our opinion instead of understanding “What they might be going through?” Let it be a man or a woman, the pain is same for both after or while going through something like divorce or a break up. Men just tend to show it less and women are more vocal about it.

I am not promoting divorce here.

I believe in marriage and believe in that commitment where you decide to stay and do everything you can to keep it from falling apart. But sometimes, it just doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. So you must give each other a chance to move on and show them, there’s still a hope for a better future even if things have gone wrong. Today your kids might not understand, but one day they will Thank You for it!

Society & your friends might not understand but it’s your life and you deserve to be HAPPY.


Note: Happy Holidays friends! Give this a thought and your feedback matters! So, don’t forget to leave a comment or if you want to share your experience, do drop me a mail or message and if you want, we can be discrete about it J




The “S” Word – Sshhhh!

Happy Friday, everybody!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are! I’m excited this Friday morning for two reasons:

  1. Winter holidays for kids started…Yay! I will get to sleep a little extra.
  2. We are going to discuss SEX today…Isn’t that exciting!!!!

Why is the word SEX such a taboo in India?

Since our childhood, we have shooed away from certain topics. SEX tops the list.

I still remember the days when “kissing scenes in Bollywood movies were represented by two flowers touching”.

It’s the same country where KAMASUTRA was written and the population is in the BILLIONS!!!!

Considering the population, I am pretty sure that we strongly follow Kamasutra in the bedroom, but don’t want to talk about it in the living room, even if it’s important to create that awareness to avoid crime rate, rape, teen pregnancy, abortion…the list is long.

Once, my mum was sitting with a neighbour and I dared to ask, ” Mum, how was I born?”

My mum was struggling to cook up a story.

Clearly, the neighbour had experienced this before.

(Well, you can decide that after listening to her reply!)

She said, first a girl and a guy reach a certain age and then they get married.

You can’t have a baby until you are married”

“Then a bee sting the daddy and then it stings the mum to put daddy juice” – this is how babies are born.

Me: What? Bee stung!!! Didn’t it hurt Mommy?

Neighbour: of course! That’s why mommy had to go to the hospital to get you!

Me: oh! So, is it contagious? What’s daddy….?

Neighbour: You ask too many questions! Go and play with your friends.

I never had that discussion with my mum ever again!

In another incident, my friend was told another story.

That after marriage, you have to put an application for a baby in the hospital. And then they bless you with a baby.

One thing was common in both the stories “no marriage, no babies”

Wow! Creativity! These parents could easily qualify for story-writers in Bollywood.

So after that, I had to wait until 10th grade for our Biology lesson in school to understand the male – female reproductive systems & childbirth but the topic SEX was still alien to me. I still remember that it was a very embarrassing day for most us as boys & girls in school, that day re-invented themselves. Huh!

A lot of boys and girls, hence date secretly in India. They can’t tell their parents the truth as then either they will be forced to marry or break up. A casual affair means sex and “SEX is a crime in India” Remember!!! (Not literally. Of course!)

Not talking about our sex affects our youth as much so that if they approach a girl for a relationship and take a step towards sex. Girls call them desperate, too fast. They start thinking the whole relationship sham was a “booty call”

On the other hand, if a woman tries to take the lead. She is considered “loose character”. Barring a few, most see women who take the lead as easy and low on self-respect. Indian women have to be cultural, almost asexual to be considered pure and chaste.

Couples have no place to have sex in India. You will mostly find them in the parks, behind the rocks, or a secluded place. These are all their miserable attempts to kiss or make love.

Singles don’t get a rental house or apartment in India easily as that’s another stigma due to few bad seeds that created a nuisance, somewhere, sometime. Most of the hotels don’t allow stay to unmarried couples.

In fun, my friend and I once made few prank calls to hotels to check if they will allow an unmarried couple to stay in their hotel as legally it’s not an issue at all.

The answers to our attempts to book rooms ranged from absolute refusal to mystification. We tried many of them. Finally, one of them agreed and how!!!

“Hi. I want to book a room for two adults.”

“Sure Ma’am. Please let me check for the availability.”

“Yes, please.”

“Hello, we do have a room available. You want a room for two people, right?”

“That’s right. We are two people, my male friend and I. We are not married, though. I hope that’s okay?”

“Sorry, what?”

“Sorry, but we do not allow unmarried couples to share rooms in the hotel.”

We: Please!!!! We have nowhere to stay and you do have a room available too.

Receptionist: “Errr… Mmm… I will have to check with my senior.”

Senior: “Male friend as in? Family member? Or cousin?” Listen, Ma’am, I’ll give you a suggestion if you really want the room. Just say that he is your cousin or you are married. And, “Make sure both of you carry id proofs.”

(This would have been easier if we had tried 4-5 star hotels)

So, the only way to have sex in India for most of the youth is to get married – Bottom line!

Virginity is a “BIG LABEL” if lost! Your value will go down. During marriages, your stock rises if you are a virgin. But this rule applies mostly to women. No such rules for men!

Don’t we take a test drive before buying a car, go to the store to check the resolution of T.V before buying one and try to fit a ring in our finger before buying so what’s the problem with having sex before marrying someone.

Now, few people might say – How can I compare materialistic things like car, television and ring with Sex or love-making.

Sex is that precious diamond, we have which British also couldn’t take away from us. We couldn’t save Kohinoor, let’s save this one at least! *wink*

 Give it a thought – “Happy Weekend guys”

Am Married to a GOD

As per Indian custom or Hinduism, the husband is put on par with God. They must worship their husbands like God, even if he is a monster, is promiscuous, and has no redeemable qualities. But those who know my feminist personality also know that I would not say such a thing ever.

To give you a background – We have been married for 8 years now and were best friends for 8 years before that. We’ve never dated each other. I was in and out of relationships and he was my shoulder to cry on and share my boyfriend & parents’ issues with. So, a friend, I could trust with my life, talk without being judged and more importantly, love him were reasons enough for me to sign up for this.

“The most eligible groom” as my mother quoted once. This is how I lost my best friend to marriage.

“Pati bhagwaan ka roop hota hai” – Google also agrees!!!


Well! We are still best friends, it’s just that I don’t get any feedback or suggestions anymore when I bitch about him to HIM.

“ME,” An Average Human is very opinionated, friendly, fun-loving, adventurous, loud, carefree, effervescent, full of life yet difficult to handle.
On the other hand – My “God” is very gullible, easy-going, diplomatic, simpleton, reserved, very friendly, people pleaser, too good to be true.

This realization of being in a divine relationship hit me soon enough.

The first month of marriage, he got me a rose on an anniversary date. Sweet!

The second month, he got 2 roses and this continued for 12 months. When he got 13 roses in the 13th month, I told him, “Babe! Now it has become a routine. So, come up with something new to surprise me.

Oops, what did I do? (Bitch slap moment)

My obedient God stopped surprising me from 14th month.

My “God” is always agreeable and has never questioned any of my decisions. 

Me: Would you like chocolate for lunch?
He: Ya Sure. 
Me: Huh! Like seriously!
You might start to wonder if he even has any opinions of his own.
I guess! He does! But it’s too precious to share with anyone but himself.

Me (In anger): You know what happened today? (And narrate him the entire incident for 20 mins)
He (Calm face): hmmmm….
He is calm like Sea and I am an erupting volcano most of the time. He doesn’t have to do or say anything to please people and I always have to be creative and work on myself to keep people around me happy.
My “God” is such a saint, that he has never had any conflicts with anybody in his life. 

Once, I had a terrible fight with a friend and the best way she could think of taking revenge was calling my God.

She (on the phone): This girl, you are with is horrible! She is a bitch… blah blah. Cooked up numerous stories to convince him “how horrible I am”

10 mins later…

She: You still there!

He: Yes! Are you done?

She: Yeah!

He: Okay! Bye! Have a meeting to attend now.

He hasn’t left my side since we met, (okay! I know that’s what husbands are supposed to do) but if you’re being honest with yourself, it’s a little strange. Because… it makes me wonder sometimes what exactly was he doing before he inserted himself so completely into my life?
Me: I am going with my friends to party this weekend.
He: Okay! When will you be back? 
Me: 2-3 hours or may be late. Not sure. Why?
He: If it’s 3 hours or more, I will watch a movie and if it’s more then I might start a series.
Me: A guilty face!
Him: A happy face (No idea! What does he really do in my absence)
His weekend plans start with me and ends with me. Isn’t that weird? Mostly Men look for a chance to get away from their nagging better half like me! Don’t they???
A lot of people are charming… but not all the time. However, my God is always charming.

My God seemed to be the exact thing you were looking for to boost your spirits following a breakup, sad moments, tough/difficult life, but so much so that it almost seems a little too unbelievable.
It’s like he hopped out of one of the fairy tales or something. It took me a while to understand all these things about him. (Well, 15 years 9 months and seven days to be exact).
And human nature is to doubt when you get something too good to be true! Huh!

So, this is how an average or so, not average human like ME is struggling to sail on the same boat with my GOD. It’s like, I have been offered a bag of $1000 notes with no use!

I think after publishing this one, either I will have too many women/men cursing me for not appreciating the best I have or I will start getting proposals for my “Most wanted Husband”. *wink*


Facebook or Book Of Faces

“Facebook, one of my favourite social media tools.”
Just reading this last statement makes me orgasmic. Why?

Well, we all joined Facebook for various reasons. You must have read “about Komplicated Kiran” section to know about me. As you, all know that I didn’t stay at any place in a given time for more than 3 years. Thanks to my father’s profession. My longest stay was in Pune, India after marriage for 7 years.
Oh! The topic was Facebook, not me. Okay! So, I joined Facebook to stay in touch with my school friends, work friends etc.

But, now the meaning of Facebook has changed. I don’t have to watch the news, follow politics, follow the celebrities as all that is available on Facebook now. If I miss my favourite show’s premiere, I get that update on Facebook. So, how can it not be one’s favourite tool? Plus the drama I get to see of real life people is like the cherry on the top.
If only, I could request Mr Zuckerberg to add few tools in facebook – it will just help spice up my life a little bit:

  1. Get a room until you are done icon  : for couples who post their every cutesy-wutesy move on the news feed every now and then!
    He : I love you baby
    She : I Love you too baby
    Me: Sweet! But not again, babies.
  2. Get a life icon : for people who keep posting their breakfast, lunch, dinner menu & bathroom breaks.
  3. Get a mirror icon : for the selfie addicts, I could pick your cleavage or abs out of a line up.
  4. Insecure much icon: for the silent stalkers. We all have that one silent stalker in our friend’s list who sees everything but never likes, comments or post anything.
  5. Am a Mouthpiece icon: Does the political party reward you for being his/her loyal top ultra mouthpiece.

The list is long. This one blog won’t be enough to jot down all the points I have for such attention seeking species. The best one I read recently was Nathan, my friend updated his status: feeling lonely with 43 tagged friends. Can someone please explain me “how can you not be lonely when you are friends with facebook instead of real friends”?

I am sure you all have some such funny experience to share.With changing times, my perception is changing every day towards social media tools.

Facebook is like an old marriage contract that you made and living it every day like routine. You are trying to rekindle that romance there by posting things which might & might not help.  And

And then we have few competitive siblings like snapchat, instagram, twitter, whatsapp etc.

Instagram gives you a feeling of being single and you are fishing for comments, likes, followers to feel young again.

Twitter is for people to show the world that you are intelligent. *wink*

Then we have fake friends and real friends. This one is pretty heavy and I hope you can handle it.

Don’t let a social media tool rule, you guys! How many of you can really actually call 5 friends from your Facebook list when you are depressed, in trouble, need a friend to talk to? If the answer is no, you seriously need to work on that list, my friend!

I love Facebook! Many of my friends dated, broke up, dated again, got married, divorced, re-married and had kids on Facebook. I have always been an integral part of their life events virtually.

Thanks to Mr.Zuckerberg for this mind blowing invention!



My sister called me a “Glorified Maid”

Ok! Ok! Before you all judge me or my sister, let’s go through the why’s and what’s of this statement!

To give you all a background, I moved to the United States from India 3 years back. In India, I had a nanny, cook, maid, and a driver. Hahaha, when I told this to my friends in U.S – they thought that I had a life of some “queen bee” in India but my friends back home know that it’s a very common household trend to have these services for working people.
So, when I came here – I couldn’t work due to visa restriction. I have 10-12 years of working experience. I started working at the age of 17 which is kinda uncommon in India. Started my career with Promotions, events, call-center and then HR (Human resources). So, now you know why was it a big deal for me to sit at home and do nothing. Okay! I can’t say “Nothing” as I was sweeping, mopping, cleaning, cooking etc as that’s the only job “country of dreams” offered me.
Cooking, my favorite thing to do back home became a nightmare here. Well, cooking in India was a different experience altogether. My cook would chop the vegetables & onions then my job was just to saute them. Lol! I know it doesn’t even qualify as cooking for most of us. But it was kinda big deal for me. Weird Me! Right! However here, deciding what to make every day in the shortest possible time was the biggest task. Cutting and chopping are equivalent to climbing Mt Everest for me.
Alas, not by choice but yes that’s my sob story! My sister considers me her role model, I guess because I am the eldest one and that’s what I have been told to be since childhood (You must be wondering what am I talking about but let’s talk about that in another blog).
She says, “I am her role model because I have always been strong, perfect and independent”

Well, who doesn’t like compliments, hence I accept her opinion with grace. But when I started sharing my frustration of doing nothing in the country of dreams. She decided to rename me “Glorified Maid of and Made by the United States”

She thought my move to U.S will offer me closer and better access to my favorite brands and designers. Yeah! She was partially right. In the bargain, I also got introduced to the best brands of organic bleach liquid, dishwasher liquid, wood flooring cleaner and great varieties of healthy cooking oil. Sigh! She still considers me her role model. Hence, has decided not to get married and even if she does get married – “not stepping out of the country except for honeymoon and vacations will be a mandate clause of the contract”.