My sister called me a “Glorified Maid”

Ok! Ok! Before you all judge me or my sister, let’s go through the why’s and what’s of this statement!

To give you all a background, I moved to the United States from India 3 years back. In India, I had a nanny, cook, maid, and a driver. Hahaha, when I told this to my friends in U.S – they thought that I had a life of some “queen bee” in India but my friends back home know that it’s a very common household trend to have these services for working people.
So, when I came here – I couldn’t work due to visa restriction. I have 10-12 years of working experience. I started working at the age of 17 which is kinda uncommon in India. Started my career with Promotions, events, call-center and then HR (Human resources). So, now you know why was it a big deal for me to sit at home and do nothing. Okay! I can’t say “Nothing” as I was sweeping, mopping, cleaning, cooking etc as that’s the only job “country of dreams” offered me.
Cooking, my favorite thing to do back home became a nightmare here. Well, cooking in India was a different experience altogether. My cook would chop the vegetables & onions then my job was just to saute them. Lol! I know it doesn’t even qualify as cooking for most of us. But it was kinda big deal for me. Weird Me! Right! However here, deciding what to make every day in the shortest possible time was the biggest task. Cutting and chopping are equivalent to climbing Mt Everest for me.
Alas, not by choice but yes that’s my sob story! My sister considers me her role model, I guess because I am the eldest one and that’s what I have been told to be since childhood (You must be wondering what am I talking about but let’s talk about that in another blog).
She says, “I am her role model because I have always been strong, perfect and independent”

Well, who doesn’t like compliments, hence I accept her opinion with grace. But when I started sharing my frustration of doing nothing in the country of dreams. She decided to rename me “Glorified Maid of and Made by the United States”

She thought my move to U.S will offer me closer and better access to my favorite brands and designers. Yeah! She was partially right. In the bargain, I also got introduced to the best brands of organic bleach liquid, dishwasher liquid, wood flooring cleaner and great varieties of healthy cooking oil. Sigh! She still considers me her role model. Hence, has decided not to get married and even if she does get married – “not stepping out of the country except for honeymoon and vacations will be a mandate clause of the contract”.


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