The “S” Word – Sshhhh!

Happy Friday, everybody!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day wherever you are! I’m excited this Friday morning for two reasons:

  1. Winter holidays for kids started…Yay! I will get to sleep a little extra.
  2. We are going to discuss SEX today…Isn’t that exciting!!!!

Why is the word SEX such a taboo in India?

Since our childhood, we have shooed away from certain topics. SEX tops the list.

I still remember the days when “kissing scenes in Bollywood movies were represented by two flowers touching”.

It’s the same country where KAMASUTRA was written and the population is in the BILLIONS!!!!

Considering the population, I am pretty sure that we strongly follow Kamasutra in the bedroom, but don’t want to talk about it in the living room, even if it’s important to create that awareness to avoid crime rate, rape, teen pregnancy, abortion…the list is long.

Once, my mum was sitting with a neighbour and I dared to ask, ” Mum, how was I born?”

My mum was struggling to cook up a story.

Clearly, the neighbour had experienced this before.

(Well, you can decide that after listening to her reply!)

She said, first a girl and a guy reach a certain age and then they get married.

You can’t have a baby until you are married”

“Then a bee sting the daddy and then it stings the mum to put daddy juice” – this is how babies are born.

Me: What? Bee stung!!! Didn’t it hurt Mommy?

Neighbour: of course! That’s why mommy had to go to the hospital to get you!

Me: oh! So, is it contagious? What’s daddy….?

Neighbour: You ask too many questions! Go and play with your friends.

I never had that discussion with my mum ever again!

In another incident, my friend was told another story.

That after marriage, you have to put an application for a baby in the hospital. And then they bless you with a baby.

One thing was common in both the stories “no marriage, no babies”

Wow! Creativity! These parents could easily qualify for story-writers in Bollywood.

So after that, I had to wait until 10th grade for our Biology lesson in school to understand the male – female reproductive systems & childbirth but the topic SEX was still alien to me. I still remember that it was a very embarrassing day for most us as boys & girls in school, that day re-invented themselves. Huh!

A lot of boys and girls, hence date secretly in India. They can’t tell their parents the truth as then either they will be forced to marry or break up. A casual affair means sex and “SEX is a crime in India” Remember!!! (Not literally. Of course!)

Not talking about our sex affects our youth as much so that if they approach a girl for a relationship and take a step towards sex. Girls call them desperate, too fast. They start thinking the whole relationship sham was a “booty call”

On the other hand, if a woman tries to take the lead. She is considered “loose character”. Barring a few, most see women who take the lead as easy and low on self-respect. Indian women have to be cultural, almost asexual to be considered pure and chaste.

Couples have no place to have sex in India. You will mostly find them in the parks, behind the rocks, or a secluded place. These are all their miserable attempts to kiss or make love.

Singles don’t get a rental house or apartment in India easily as that’s another stigma due to few bad seeds that created a nuisance, somewhere, sometime. Most of the hotels don’t allow stay to unmarried couples.

In fun, my friend and I once made few prank calls to hotels to check if they will allow an unmarried couple to stay in their hotel as legally it’s not an issue at all.

The answers to our attempts to book rooms ranged from absolute refusal to mystification. We tried many of them. Finally, one of them agreed and how!!!

“Hi. I want to book a room for two adults.”

“Sure Ma’am. Please let me check for the availability.”

“Yes, please.”

“Hello, we do have a room available. You want a room for two people, right?”

“That’s right. We are two people, my male friend and I. We are not married, though. I hope that’s okay?”

“Sorry, what?”

“Sorry, but we do not allow unmarried couples to share rooms in the hotel.”

We: Please!!!! We have nowhere to stay and you do have a room available too.

Receptionist: “Errr… Mmm… I will have to check with my senior.”

Senior: “Male friend as in? Family member? Or cousin?” Listen, Ma’am, I’ll give you a suggestion if you really want the room. Just say that he is your cousin or you are married. And, “Make sure both of you carry id proofs.”

(This would have been easier if we had tried 4-5 star hotels)

So, the only way to have sex in India for most of the youth is to get married – Bottom line!

Virginity is a “BIG LABEL” if lost! Your value will go down. During marriages, your stock rises if you are a virgin. But this rule applies mostly to women. No such rules for men!

Don’t we take a test drive before buying a car, go to the store to check the resolution of T.V before buying one and try to fit a ring in our finger before buying so what’s the problem with having sex before marrying someone.

Now, few people might say – How can I compare materialistic things like car, television and ring with Sex or love-making.

Sex is that precious diamond, we have which British also couldn’t take away from us. We couldn’t save Kohinoor, let’s save this one at least! *wink*

 Give it a thought – “Happy Weekend guys”


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