About Komplicated Kiran

Komplicated Kiran – Well by the title, you must have understood that I am a complicated person to understand. But who’s not? Can anyone of us understand each other completely! hmmm, don’t think so.

I am a Gemini by zodiac. Hence complication is in this sign if you google the sign, it will help you understand the traits a little *wink*.
You are here to know me and here, I am writing things that will do nothing but confuse you.
Okay! Let’s start from the beginning of me. I was born in Orissa, India (a place you might and might not have heard of). I spent most of my life moving from one place to another owing to my father’s occupation in the Indian Army. I mainly remember the time spent in the cities in the latter part of my childhood. One of them is New Delhi & Darjeeling, India – one of my favourite cities as I spent my teenage there and also, started my first official job in New Delhi. At the age of 16, my family moved to Pune where my father decided to retire and stay forever as its  called retired man’s paradise for various reasons: beautiful weather, best academic institutions. I still remember my first day in school, I was in shock as everybody in my school has been just so perfect and serious. I was the only misfit there as I was the only one who didn’t have an aim in life. All my fellow students wanted to be an engineer, doctor, teacher etc.
Not that I was aimless, I had just not given it a thought yet. That was the only year when I didn’t have any friends in life. For a while, everyone at school believed that I was an average “North Indian” owing to my name and lingo. I was never bored on my own, so I let them believe that they probably didn’t have a common tongue apart from English to communicate with me. While all my classmates were preparing for the engineering and medical entrance exams, I had made up my mind to take up bachelor’s of commerce and do an MBA.
My parents clearly were not happy with my decision due to peer pressure and forced me to appear for Engineering Entrance exam and I happily failed in that exam. But it didn’t stop there! After all the nagging, pleading, and begging, I decided to listen to them and try my hands on science. Due to my okay grades, I got the admission in one of the best colleges in Pune (Fergusson College- Google it, Many of the Indian Bollywood actors are a product of that college). Poor me! To start with, how could I do something that I wasn’t interested in. So, I started missing classes and made a lot of friends that year. The result of that year was obvious, I was FAILING every semester.So, my parents decided to pull me out of college after the 2nd semester. Finally, my parents understood my calling and allowed me to complete my graduation in commerce. As I had time in hand after the 2nd semester, I started doing promotions and events. I was a comparer for a lot of shows in Pune and that gave me an exposure to meet the stars like Bally Sagoo, Band of Boys, Alisha Chinoy, Sonu Nigam etc. I was earning and that made me greedy. It gave me a feeling of being independent which was taking me away from my education. While studying for my graduation, me and my friends gave an interview for fun. It was a big brand that had come to our city and out of 100 people, only 10 got selected from our city. They were offering a great salary and free accommodation for 15 days. I got a sense of achievement and my decision was obvious “HELL YEAH, I will do it” . And that’s how I landed my first job.
I was just trying to prove my parents and those classmates (whom I had no contact with) that you don’t have to be an engineer or doctor to be independent. Finished my education, landed in Delhi and started the ride of my life.
Nothing was easy. I had to struggle every day. I realized how difficult it is to get an apartment in India for the single working people. They are always looked down and considered “troublemakers”. You have to be married to get a roof on your head – “Welcome to the real world”. My roommate was from North East. A beautiful girl with an amazing fashion sense, but was always perceived or looked differently by people because she was from the North East part of India (Will definitely include this in one of my blogs). “My stay in Delhi made me a stronger person”
My sister was my best friend from birth as I used to share everything with her until I decided to move away due to my job and that’s when I started writing a journal. I needed someone to share my feelings with and couldn’t trust anyone better than my sister and a private journal. After 4 years in Delhi, I moved to Hyderabad for another job and then after a year moved to Pune. That’s when I got married to my best friend of 7 years.
Since then it’s been a roller coaster ride and when you marry your best friend that you used to share all your secrets with. You need another best friend to start nagging about that old best friend. By the sound of this last line, it seems I need too many friends *wink*
The moral of the story is – this blog is either going to help me make many friends or no friends at all. As I am going to spill a lot of secrets here. Wish me luck!